Restaked Points: A Measure of Contribution to EigenLayer Ecosystem Security


Restaked points are an essential metric within the EigenLayer ecosystem, serving as a measure of your contribution to the shared security and stability of the network. As a participant in EigenLayer’s staking system, your restaked points reflect the level of engagement and commitment to the network’s integrity.


The calculation of restaked points involves a meticulous process to accurately assess staking participation:

Integration of Staked Amount Over Time

For each staker (indexed by i) and each token (indexed by j), the participation measure (Pij) is computed by integrating the staked amount (Sij(t)) over time (t):

\[ P_{ij} = \int_{0}^{T} S_{ij}(t) \, dt \]

This integration accounts for the cumulative staking activity, measured in units of ETH⋅hours, which provides a comprehensive view of the staker’s involvement in securing the network.

Total Participation Measure

The total participation measure for a staker (i) is derived by summing the measures for each token they hold:

\[ P_{i} = \sum_{j} P_{ij} \]

This summation aggregates the staker’s contribution across different tokens, providing a holistic perspective on their overall engagement within the EigenLayer ecosystem.

Restaked Ratio

The restaked ratio (Ri) quantifies a staker’s participation relative to the collective engagement of all stakers:

\[ R_{i} = \frac{P_{i}}{\sum_{i’} P_{i’}} \]

This ratio offers insights into the proportional contribution of an individual staker compared to the entire network, highlighting their significance in maintaining EigenLayer’s security and resilience.

Additional Clarifications for Native Restaking

Native restaking introduces specific considerations that warrant clarification:

  • Consensus layer rewards are not factored into the points calculation, ensuring accuracy in assessing staking participation.
  • Points for native restaking are determined based on the validator’s Effective Balance, which is capped at 32 ETH, rather than the Current Balance, providing a standardized metric for evaluation.
  • Points accrual for Native Restaking ceases at the “Complete Withdrawal” action when funds have entirely exited EigenLayer, ensuring that only active participation is rewarded.

Understanding restaked points is essential for participants seeking to optimize their contribution to EigenLayer’s security and actively engage in the network’s governance processes.

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